Activities near Cordon

Near Cordon

Situated at an altitude of 900 metres, Cordon is a jewel in the crown of Haute-Savoie. This authentic village nestles peacefully around traditional chalets and historic farmhouses, some of which are over 200 years old. Facing it, the spectacular panorama of the Mont Blanc range offers an incomparable natural backdrop.
While preserving its mountain charm, Cordon is not isolated: it’s just 1 hour from Geneva airport and 10 minutes from the chic resort of Megève. Chalet Rhodos, nestled in this idyllic setting, is your gateway to the wonders of the region.
Ski lovers will appreciate the proximity of the Cordon ski area, as well as other popular slopes such as the La Princesse gondola, Rochebrune and Cote 2 000. In this village, tradition and modernity blend harmoniously, offering a unique mountain experience.

Les Rhodos in winter

Cordon is a winter paradise, with snow-covered slopes ideal for skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. Experience pure emotion as you hurtle down its slopes facing the majestic Mont-Blanc.

Les Rhodos in summer

In summer, Cordon is transformed into an Alpine playground for hiking, climbing and mountain biking. Soak up nature as you stroll along its flower-filled paths and breathtaking panoramas.

Cordon's heritage

Cordon, with its rich heritage, is home to traditional chalets and century-old farmhouses that bear witness to a deep-rooted mountain history. Explore this “balcony of Mont Blanc” and discover the traditions and culture of an authentic Haute-Savoie.
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